Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Removing Wet Material

When there is water that gets on your carpet the first though is to soak it up.  As you can see water will remain trapped in the padding and the only way to get it out is to remove it.  

Under the House

Sometimes finding the cause of the problem can be difficult.  SERVPRO is ready to get dirty and will go under mobile home or crawl spaces to find and fix the problem.  

Ceiling and Floor Tenting

Our company is able to dry ceilings and floors.  You can see how we are able to cover the affected area with plastic and duct another piece which is connected to a dehumidifier to remove the water.  

Water Extraction

A department store in Fresno was  being remodeled when a fire sprinkler broke and water started pouring in.  The construction crew had just laid new tile and grout the day before.  Luckily it was covered and we were able to get there quickly and extract the water.  

Mold growth in a kids bedroom in Clovis ,Ca

This was the concern of any parent, Mold growing in the dry wall of a child's bedroom. Mom was concerned and frantic about the situation. She was impress that we responded with in the hour. We were able to clean and decontaminate the entire room. We make disasters "Like it never happened." 

Grease Cleanup

SERVPRO offers many services one of them being grease cleanup.  Stuck on grease can be very problematic and gross.  We are able to use our special chemicals to make the area look and feel much better.