Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Removing wet materials

SERVPRO can offer many services, one being that we will removed all wet material and spray antimicrobial which kills mold spores. We helped an older lady whose... READ MORE

Air Duct Cleaning

Dirty air ducts?? If you live anywhere in the central valley your ducts are definitely dirty. The air quality in the central valley is not the best during the s... READ MORE

Busy department store in Fresno, CA

We received a call from a department store in Fresno that a customer had an accident in the bathroom, and the janitorial staff refused to clean the affected are... READ MORE

Packing out from a water loss in Fresno,ca

A toilet tank overflowed in a bathroom of a Fresno home. This incident happened over night, so the home owner did not realize not till early in the morning. Wa... READ MORE

Old Police Sub-Station in Fresno ,CA

In the Summer of 2018 in Fresno, over 100 degree heat weather. We received a call from a building owner that a toilet supply line broke in the bathroom of the o... READ MORE

Bathroom Pipe leak in Northwest Fresno,CA

A pipe broke in the Jack and Jill bathroom of a home in Fresno. Water went into the cabinet and laminate flooring. The damage was too severe that we could not ... READ MORE