Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

What is hiding

The second a water loss occurs, the water begins to travel. It wicks up drywall, and settles in places dark and hard to reach or see. It can often be misleading... READ MORE

What you can't see

This homeowner had sustained water damage in the first floor of their home. The carpets in the bedrooms were soaked. It turned out, this was not the first time ... READ MORE

Mold on basement walls

SERVPRO was called in by a repeat customer that owns property where several people come and go, and stay on a regular basis. Mold was pretty bad in a basement c... READ MORE

Mold in your vacation home

This family discovered extensive mold growth in their summer home due to a pipe that burst over the winter and went undetected for months. The basement of this... READ MORE


This office building was in the path of Hurricane Katrina when it made land fall back in 2005. Fortunately the building was still standing and structurally soun... READ MORE

Mold under kitchen sink

Mold damage was found in this Fresno home after a slow leak from a sink fitting was found under the kitchen sink. The water damage wasn’t noticed, so it p... READ MORE

Mold after a water loss

You have heard the story before, while on vacation, a pipes breaks, the hot water heater leaks, or like in this case, the supply line on the back of a toilet br... READ MORE

Mold underneath stairs

After having a water loss that was not mitigated correctly in Fresno, the home owner found growth under their stairs. Concerned that her 2 million dollar home ... READ MORE